Training and development vital in small businesses

MOST entrepreneurs believe spending money on training and developing staff is a waste of money as this makes them want to take their skills elsewhere, according to Yazmeen Alli, training manager at business incubator Raizcorp.

Alli, who mentors small business owners, says this is short sighted, and that small businesses do not cut costs by not developing their staff.

The reality is that retention is never guaranteed and people are going to move on, she says.


Linky Ramodike, MD of Makau Skills Development, says people feel motivated and valued when companies invest in training them.

Ramadike’s company offers accredited training programmes for companies in the IT and media industries.

Small businesses should be training their people because when you have trained staff, it is easier for staff to perform their duties, so it increases productivity at work,” she says.

Ramadike recommends that small businesses hire experts in the industry to perform a skills audit as this will help them to develop a better training plan for their companies.

Alli says small business can invest in training and development by identifying the skills gap in the company and building systems around training and development.

“Make sure that your system for selecting who gets trained is transparent and is understood by everyone. There should be no room for favouritism and this will lead to more harmonious workplaces.”