Sangoma demands two daughters as payment


Polokwane – In an event that left Mopani residents amazed and scared, a local Sangoma demands twin sisters, over unpaid debt of 6 white cattle that he was promised in 2013 after performing a family cleansing ceremony and allegedly given their father muti to thrive in business.

The Sangoma is said to have appeared naked in the 11 year old twin girls’ bedroom, declaring them his wives and tried to force himself on them.

According to witnesses, the incident which happened in the wee hours of Thursday shocked all residents and called for relevant authorities to push the father report the matter to the police for attempted rape.


“This Sangoma (name withheld) come around 6pm when the two twins come back from school, he appeared naked while they were taking off their uniforms, we are not sure if he was already there before the children come back. We suspect that he was given the twins by their father as a payment for business juju and a tokoloshi.

“People wanted to beat him up but we are all afraid of his Sangoma powers, it seems as if the father is not concerned. We therefore appeal to relevant organizations to have him arrested for attempted rape. This is a serious case our constitution doesn’t allow that,” fumed a close friend to the family.

It is understood that no police report has been made.