Neighbours’ cheating ‘agreement’ ends up in fist fight


WHEN her husband of 10 years cheated on her, Nurse Ntimane (38) decided to get revenge.

She gave him a taste of his own medicine and started an affair with her handsome neighbour, Sipho Mahlalela (49).

Although her husband soon begged her to come back, her plan backfired last Tuesday. Her lover’s angry wife, Linah Ngobeni (47), attacked her with a sjambok at her house in Mdladla, near Malalane, Mpumalanga.

The two women got into a nasty fight and neighbours watched in horror as fists flew.

Nurse walked away with pieces of her lip and finger chewed, and Linah had a swollen cheek and her eye was partly shut.

Nurse told Daily Sun: “This woman made me the laughing stock of the village. She made it seem as if I ran after her husband when he came to me. He was talking of leaving her and paying lobola for me.”


However, Nurse admitted her cheating ruined her reputation and other women accused her of using muthi to steal their husbands.

Nurse’s husband, Manuel Mashaba (57), said he and his wife had reconciled.

“I begged this guy to go back to his wife and even paid for someone to pick him up at his hiding place in Matsulu because his wife is abusing Nurse. She keeps demanding her husband back. I told him cheating time is over,” said Manuel.

Linah said Nurse lived with her husband for six months and only left him when he lost his job.

“My husband was fresh and handsome when she stole him but now he looks like a zombie. She has destroyed him,” she said.

Sipho said: “I am sorry for what I did to my wife. It’s all sorted out now.”