SAM MEYIWA, the controversial father of Bafana Bafana’s murdered goalie, Senzo Meyiwa, is to smoke the peace pipe with Kelly Khumalo.

On his own terms, of course . . .

He wants Kelly to apologise to his family for the embarrassment she caused by speaking ill about them after Senzo’s death.

Sam and Kelly haven’t seen eye-to-eye since she started dating the slain soccer star.

Kelly and Senzo were blessed with a baby girl before he met his death at the hands of thugs at Kelly’s mum’s Vosloorus home in October, 2014.

Speaking to Sunday Sun, Sam said he’s welcomed Kelly’s baby into his family.

He said since Kelly’s mum started bringing his granddaughter to his house in KwaZulu-Natal, he’s put the past behind him – for the sake of the child.

“I’ve realised that as much as there’s a level of hatred towards Kelly, I can’t punish my granddaughter for her mum’s sins.

“I can’t just let life continue without loving my granddaughter, she’s the happiness for both her parents,” Sam said.

“Kelly’s mum called me and told me something’s wrong with my granddaughter.

“She suggested that perhaps if she could visit her dad’s family, things might get better.

“I told her it’s fine as long she doesn’t come with Kelly.

“I’m also grateful to Kelly’s mum for the humanity that drove her to get to my house and bring the baby,” he said.

But he added the Khumalos should forget about him coming to cleanse their house.

“She (Kelly) should behave herself and come with her family, and apologise to us for her role in landing my son in his grave.

“Whenever she appears on TV, it’s like she’s happy my son’s dead,” Sam said.

Kelly and her mum were not available for comment.

Kelly’s phone was constantly off.

S he also failed to respond to SunTeam’s SMSes at the time of going to press.