Man sues new bride for looking ugly without makeup


Zambian newly weds did not get off to a good start when the groom refused to believe that the bare-faced woman in his room was his bride.

He was so distraught the morning after the wedding with the difference in his new wife’s appearance that he decided to sue her for fraud.

Throughout their courtship the bride had never been without makeup. When the groom saw her natural face for the first time, he said he was “deceived” by her as “she used to fill up her face with makeup before their marriage.”

The groom told the court that he is demanding $20,000 in damages for his psychological suffering.

“He said she looked very beautiful and attractive before marriage, but when he woke up in the morning and found that she had washed the make-up off her face, he was frightened as he thought she was a thief.” reports said, quoting a court source.

CEO of semi-permanent make-up company Debra Robson who carried out a study of women and makeup said make-up makes you feel sexier and more confident.

Here are some of her findings:
– When asked why they wouldn’t want a man to see them without make-up,

– 58% said they just look better with it on,

– 28% said they wouldn’t feel as confident,

– 12% said they won’t be desired as much and,

– 2 % said that their man might end the relationship