KZN orphanage fire claims 8 lives


JOHANNESBURG – Emergency services in KwaZulu-Natal have confirmed that a fire that broke out in the early hours of this morning at an orphanage, has claimed eight lives, mostly children.

The blaze destroyed the orphanage in Parlock, in northern Durban with fire-fighters spending hours battling the blaze.

The KwaZulu-Natal EMS’ Robert McKenzie said that the call for help came at around twenty past two this morning.

“At this stage, reports from the scene indicate that, tragically, eight people have lost their lives in this fire. Several children are victims of the fire and the victims’ age range between eight and 21-years-old.”

He said that investigations will begin into what caused the fire.

“The last report of the fire was that it was still burning. However, it seems to be in its final stages, with the fire department battling the blaze.”

Four people have also been rushed to hospital.