IT IS said in the Bible that King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 nyatsis.

And judging by his ever increasing number of girlfriends, self-declared polygamist Mpho Mosouenyane (37) from Marabastad kasi in Maokeng, near Kroonstad is not far behind!

But while Mpho sings the praises of Solomon, his live-in girlfriend for the past five years said she can’t take it any more.

Mantisa Ntisa (31) told Daily Sun in tears that she’s caught Mpho poking different women many times and that he won’t stop.

“I am no longer shocked if I catch him with another woman in our bed.

“On 5 June he poked one of his lovers right in front of me and my three-year-old child!”

She said even after once catching him and shining a torch on his sexual escapades, Mpho simply kept going with his horny 4-5.

“I’ve been living with Mpho since 2009. In that time I have found countless used condoms. I know that many times he doesn’t even use a condom.

“I begged him to stop but he won’t. One of his many girlfriends has even fallen pregnant.

“When I try to get myself a new boyfriend he beats me.”

Mpho told Daily Sun he was a polygamist and that Mantisa should accept him as he is.

“There is no need for Mantisa to be jealous because I attend to her needs. She knows that I have girls who visit me on the side.

“I’m like King Solomon. I believe in polygamy. I poke other women when she is around and there is nothing wrong with that,” said Mpho.

Girlfriend Disebo Mahlatsi (27) said Mpho poked her as Mantisa was watching and that she was now carrying his child.

Mantisa added that she couldn’t imagine life without her horny boyfriend, with whom she has had two children.

“I don’t want to leave him because I don’t want our surviving son growing up without a father.

“But I want him to stop having sex with every woman he sees because I’m hurting.”