Father and son bust for illegal street racing


A father and son — driving a Maserati and a Ferrari — were caught for illegal street racing‚ joining 150 other suspects behind bars this past weekend‚ the City of Cape Town said on Monday.

The city’s traffic services arrested 116 suspects during various operations at the weekend‚ with most of the arrests occurring for drunk driving as well as negligent driving.

However‚ the city added in a statement‚ that the number also included a father and son who were caught “engaging in an illegal street race along Klipfontein road in a Maserati and a Ferrari”.

In addition‚ the Metro Police Department apprehended two suspects for the possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition in Macassar on Friday.

“While officers were making the arrests‚ members of the public helped one of the suspects to escape. They also stoned the officers’ vehicles. Officers managed to arrest one suspect and confiscated a 9 mm firearm and 33 rounds of ammunition (eight x 9 mm rounds and 25 x .38 special revolver rounds)‚” the statement read.

City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security‚ Alderman Jean-Pierre Smith‚ said that this was the kind of thing that got his blood boiling.

“Instead of working with us‚ those residents who participated in mobbing our staff would rather see a criminal run free on their streets. Yet the very same people are quick to criticise and accuse the authorities of not dealing with crime. We’re seeing far too many of these incidents and it is very worrying indeed‚’ he said.