Cassper: SA audience don’t get sh*t!


Cassper took to social media to address his comments being taken out of context.


Just last week, when Cassper was in the states, he said on live American radio that he is ‘the Kanye West of South Africa.’

Twitter then went on to saying negative things about Cassper’s comment saying he is delusional, while others said: “he is lying.”

The topic trended on twitter and Cassper became a laughing stock.

So Cassper went to post a video of himself ranting about his Kanye West comparison critism.

In the video, he says that people were expecting him to flop on the show, and he proved them wrong.

“People thought Cassper on Sway was gonna suck. They were like, ‘Cassper can’t rap’, which I always find funny because I came in this game raping… People thought, ‘okay were are going to watch the interview and Cassper is going to choke’… Man was I well mother f*cking prepared for that sh*t,” Cassper said in a lengthy live video post.

He also said that “the rap audience in South Africa think they know so much, but they actually don’t even know that much about hip hop.”

The cherry on top in the video is when he said: “SA audience don’t get shit, it’s really stupid!”

“I am not trying to be Kanye West of South Africa, I’m Cassper Nyovest!” he said.

He goes on the share his frustrations about South Africans by saying “Nigerians are patriotic, South African’s aren’t.”

Cassper says “I doesn’t understand why we are not proud of being South Africans.”

And the rant goes on and on and on.

You can view the video on his Facebook’s page: Cassper Nyovest @CassperNyovest