BREAKING NEWS: Oscar Pistorius getS 6 years!!!


Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to an effective 6 years in prison.

The Blade Runner, as he is commonly known was convicted on a murder charge which was handed down by the South African Court of Appeal after being initially convicted for the negligent killing of his girlfriend, Ms Reeva Steenkamp.

Judge Masipa began delivering her sentencing of the Olympic and Paralympic athlete by saying the sentence would be “based on fairness and proportion”.

She will also consider the victims of the offence and the main purposes of punishment, including retribution, deterrence and rehabilitation.

Judge Masipa discussed the evidence given by defence witness, psychologist Jonathan Scholtz, who said in the hearing in June that Pistorius was suffering from “major depression”.

He said that during the period since the killing of Reeva Steenkamp the athlete had developed a serious psychiatric condition which had become worse over the past two years.

Pistorius ‘a fallen hero’

“Recovery is possible” but it will depend on his attitude, she says.

A long term of imprisonment will not serve justice in this matter, she says.

Court has adjourned and will return if either the State or the Defence will request Leave to Appeal the Sentence.