Tumisho under fire for defending “racist church”


Actor Tumisho Masha and a few other SA celebrities have come under fire for defending Rivers Church and the “racist” statements made by its pastor, Andre Olivier.

The pastor allegedly called black people lazy and said that white people have their wealth because they work hard while black people expect handouts.

The story caused a huge stir on Monday when Rivers Church congregants voiced their anger on social media.

Since then some celebrities including Masha, Lorna Maseko and Lloyd Cele have come up defending the pastor saying he is not racist.

“U can hate me&call me names but u can’t stop me from saying that @AndreGOlivier @RiversChurch are not racist! So do ur best!” Tumisho Masha said on his Twitter yesterday.

“There are a lot of racists in SA&i have fought many&will continue2do so but @AndreGOlivier @RiversChurch are not in anyway racist!” “There’s still a lot2discuss but I won’t let pple vilify a good man who has a heart4all SouthAfricans” Masha added.

His tweets were not received well.

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