‘Toilets make our punanis itch’


A GROUP of residents in Braelyn, East London said they have been living in appalling conditions for three years.

The 100 families share one tap and the toilets they use are blocked.

Yesterday, the residents caused traffic disturbances as they filled the streets with burning tyres during their protest.

In 2013, 100 families were moved from Duncan Village to Brealyn after their shacks were destroyed by a fire.

Their lives have been a nightmare ever since.

The women suffer the most because they can’t sit on the toilets anymore, as they are blocked and are overflowing.

The women claim the toilets make their punanis itch.

Resident Yandiswa Limani (36) told Daily Sun that her daughter has contracted infections from the toilets on three occasions.

“Now we go to the bushes when we want to relieve ourselves.

“At night we use buckets and throw the waste away in the morning,” she said.

Ashere Damise (33), another resident, said: “We were told we would not live here for more than six months, but we’ve been living like this for three years now.”

Councillor Monwabisi Mahodi said the residents were from ward 1 before they came to ward 16.

“I made sure that they had access to water, electricity and toilets.

“I am surprised to hear they have problem with their toilets.

“The municipality employed two people in that area to deal with such things,” said Mahodi.

He said he has never received a complaint regarding the blocked toilets.

The councillor promised to visit the area to address the problems.