Stripped, moered for calling it quits on their relationship


AFTER spending 10 years in an abusive relationship, Thando Kgasago decided enough was enough!

The 35-year-old woman from Winnie Mandela section in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni went to the police to get a letter of authority to remove her belongings from her boyfriend’s house.

That proved to be a big mistake, as the man allegedly stripped her half-naked in public on June 16.

According to Thandi, her only sin was demanding her possessions after she discovered that her boyfriend was in a relationship with another woman. The woman, who is younger than Thandi, even had his child.

Thandi said: “When I confronted him about it he demanded I quit my job and look after his other woman child, adding that he was taking the girl back to school.

“When I refused, he beat me up and threw me out of the house.”

At the time the couple was living together in Malvern, Joburg.

Thandi said she decided to go back home to Limpopo, but the man followed her and apologised.

“I forgave him and went back to the house, only to find that the young girl had already moved in. I felt betrayed,” she said.

She went to court and was given a letter of authority demanding some of her belongings.

“I followed him to his workplace and gave him the letter. He got angry and beat me up on the street.

“He tore my skirt and top, but luckily I was wearing tights underneath,” she said.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Richard Munyai said cops are investigating a case of assault with intent to cause grievously bodily harm.

The suspect was arrested and is out on bail.