THEIR dead dad’s only possession of value was a horse that he left to his eldest son, David Mabena.

Now the horse, named The Star, has turned a brother and sister against each other. The siblings are at each other’s throats!

David (33) from Palmridge, Ekurhuleni, said: “I have documents that prove the horse belongs to me.

“My sister, Sesi, came up with many tricks trying to con me out of my inheritance. First she wanted the horse to go and graze in the veld, knowing that she would send people to come and steal it. I then asked my mum to send it to Lesotho,” claimed David.

He said his sister responded by taking him to court.

“I kept on praying and I appeased my ancestors by performing rituals. We went to court and I won the case.

“My sister said she wished I were dead. I warned her not to go against our father’s wishes, but she did not listen. Now she has been burned by a mysterious fire, which came out of nowhere. I believe the ancestors are warning her not to get smart with them.”

To make matters worse, David claimed his bitter sister visited a social worker before she went to hospital to be treated for her burns.

“She lied and told the social worker that I don’t take good care of my seven-year-old son. It pains me that my sister should despise me this way over a horse,” claimed David.

Social worker Zanele Makhubu from Zonkizizwe refused to talk to the Daily Sun.

“I am not allowed to talk to Daily Sun,” she said.

– Sesi could not comment as she is still in hospital.