Return of Anaconda Pastor!


A YEAR ago Pastor Zondo became known as the Anaconda Pastor after he claimed he was betrayed by a jealous lover.

He lost his job and his dignity when the video of his 4-5 went viral.


On Sunday he set the record straight.

“I forgive the woman who took that video,” he said at the Durban Playhouse, where he recorded his live DVD titled From Disgrace to Grace.

He said he loved the woman who took the video, but he didn’t think his love would have such a terrible effect on his life for such a long time.

Zondo said he was hurt for almost the whole year. Following the video, he lost his job as Ukhozi FM motivational speaker.

Zondo admitted he’s not perfect – despite being a pastor.

“I’m not a star, but just a human being. I make mistakes like everyone else and I didn’t know that the love I gave that woman will one day embarrass me,” he said.

Speaking to Daily Sun he said that the main aim of recording the DVD was to encourage people on how to overcome problems.

“The video scandal brought a painful and disgraceful session to me. I felt like I was given a red card in life. I didn’t get even bookings for motivation for the entire year. I was down and out. But I decided to forgive that woman. Like a wounded lion, I have risen again,” he said.

He added that although that moment was worse, he didn’t think of killing himself.

He told people they should not delete the video of him walking around the room talking on the cellphone unaware that his 4-5 was being filmed for all the world to see.

He said people should use it as motivation when they experience problems.

“If you are going through problems, watch my video and decide who has the bigger problem. Me or you,” he said.

After the video was seen on social media, the comments were varied, but mostly complimentary.

The story appeared on the front page of Daily Sun early last year.

One reader said: “I must also praise his huge penis. Some women are being fed sexually while we are sleeping.”

Another reader said the pastor is really gifted.

“I salute his girlfriend. She is blessed,” said the reader.

Some women even phoned Daily Sun pleading for the pastor’s contact number.

Not everybody was happy, though.

A man came to the Daily Sun office complaining that his girlfriend had threatened him saying she would dump him for the pastor’s penis anytime.

“My girlfriend told me he is bigger than me,” complained the guy.

“She said he has an anaconda.”