Plot to teach abusive man a lesson backfires as he commits suicide.


WHEN she opened a case against her child’s father for abusing her, Jen Blose just wanted him to learn a lesson.

But her life was shattered when he committing suicide in the holding cells on Sunday!

Making matters worse, the 37-year-old from Cotton Lands near Verulam, north of Durban, told Daily Sun that the family of her boyfriend now blames her for his death.

“We had been living together for over 17 years and we had a child together. I didn’t want him to die like that. I suffered great pain through all his abuse but I wanted him to change.”

She told the SunTeam that she opened a case on Friday after her boyfriend threatened to hack her with a panga.

“I had to get the cops involved to save my life. They arrested him and I thought he would come out a better person,” said Jen.

She said the situation was made even more painful by the fact that she couldn’t attend her boyfriend’s funeral because his family blamed her for his death.

“I reported his abusive behaviour to his family several times, but no one intervened. Now they are pointing fingers after I took action against his violence.”

However, Jen refused to give the SunTeam the family’s contact details, saying: “I don’t want you to speak to them because you will take their side.”

KZN police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Shooz Magudulela said: “He reportedly used a piece of blanket to hang himself after being arrested for assault.

“An inquest docket has been opened.”