Mum and girlfriend at war


NOW that Hendriek is dead, his mother and his girlfriend are involved in a bitter dispute over his VW Golf 7.

Hendriek Modimokwane (35) died in April without leaving a will and no indication of what should happen to his car.

Patricia Radebe (60) said she once considered Nokuthula Nhlapo (32) as her daughter but that has changed.

“I can’t believe how deceitful this girl is. She lived with me in my house without paying rent for 14 years.

“I took care of her, cooked for her and even washed her clothes. They were talking about getting married and I was the one paying the lobola.”

She said when Hendriek died, his employer paid some money to her and to Nokuthula and their two children, but there was no indication about who should get the car.

Patricia said the two had agreed they would talk about the car but then Nokuthula and her mother said they wanted the car.

“Yesterday they came with some men and took my son’s car from the yard.

“They claimed she was traditionally married to my son and she was the rightful beneficiary but how can she be the beneficiary if they don’t have a marriage certificate?”

Nokuthula Nhlapo (32) told Daily Sun Patricia was not telling the whole truth.

“I didn’t steal the car and I don’t want to drive it.

“I don’t even have a licence. I took the car away because it wasn’t safe where it was.

“I told her we must sell the car for the benefit of the children but she wants the car for herself. I’m a single parent and I have to take care of the children.”

Patricia said Hendriek died after drinking some kind of liquid and police are investigating the cause of his death.