Man caught having s3x with pregnant donkey!


Members from a small Eastern Cape community are hunting for a 46-year-old man, one Mncedisi Dlamini , who was caught raping a pregnant donkey last week.

The ‘rapist’ who is from Petronella Farm in Bhisho, was allegedly caught in the act with the donkey by its owner who happens to be his neighbour.

Reached for confirmation, SAPS Spokesperson, said they had received a report of the disturbing development.

Inspector Dehwa said, Bestiality is a common law offence in South Africa, meaning that like murder, there is no specific legislation against it. This means that it can actually leave the participant in jail.

Reports are that Dumisani Dladla was worried when he couldn’t find his pregnant donkey.

He decided to search for it in the nearby bushes, when he got to a secluded area he was shocked to hear some very strange sound, consistent with the manner of those engaged in baby making emanating from a nearby thicket.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he decided to investigate and was shocked to find his neighbour, Mncedisi pants down thoroughly enjoying himself.

When an enraged Dladla charged, Dlamini allegedly took to his heels, his charged ‘hose pipe’ dangling like a dilapidated bus windscreen wiper.

Despite the inconvenience of his animated ‘anaconda’, Dlamini easily outpaced Dladla, who in dejection decided to seek recourse at a Police station.

Dlamini is still at large.