Malema equates June 16 to Marikana massacre


Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has discouraged his supporters from burning public property, saying they will still need the facilities after their protests ended.

Speaking at the party’s June 16 rally in Embalenhle, Mpumalanga, Malema praised the students of the #FeesMustFall and #RhodesMustFall movements.

“The EFF are behind you. We are not living in 1976, we are living now and we have our own challenges. When you protest don’t burn libraries and clinics. Barricade the roads, we will still the need the clinics.”

He called on black people to love themselves, their languages, bodies and culture. Malema said that black pride is what the likes of Tsietsi Mashinini, OR Tambo and Walter Sisulu fought for in the struggle before.

Malema told the thousands who had gathered that there is no difference between June 16 of 1976 and August 16 of 2012, as on both days the government gunned down people.

“The ANC will never parade and claim August 16 when 34 miners were gunned down by police after weeks in protest over wages.

“Today must be like August 16, we must remember the fallen that were killed by the government. In 1976 black people were killed. In 2012 August the same thing happened, black people were killed. The Zuma government is the same with the Malan government; they both hate black people, they both killed black people,” Malema shouted.

The programme was set to begin at ten but the EFF commander in chief arrived just after 12:30 to the venue.

EFF leader Julius Malema arrives for the #EFFJune16Rally in Mpumalanga. Video Tebogo Letsie

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The party has been in the region for the past few weeks holding a series of community meetings in preparation for the upcoming local elections.

Malema lashed out at his former political home saying that after the Marikana massacre, they celebrated the alleged role of Cyril Ramaphosa in the killing of the miners by making him deputy president.

The land question remained high on Malema’s agenda, as he told the group that South Africans are currently worse off than Zimbabweans because black people have no ownership of the land, saying they are “beggars in their own country.”

“Wealth is not what is in your bank account, being rich is to have the land. When you have land you can create jobs. You can even hire the children of white people.”

Most of the party leader’s address had to do with driving home the message of EFF-run municipalities.

He spoke of the need for better schooling facilities, the need for access to sanitation and free water and electricity for the poor.