LION KING Lebo M is taking former fiancee Zoe Mthiyane to court.

Under his real name, Lebo Morake, he’s suing Zoe for defamation of character.

In documents lodged at the Gauteng Local Division of the High Court on Friday, Lebo M is demanding R6 million from Zoe.

According to his publicist Neo Motlhlala, Lebo M is suing Zoe to protect his reputation.

The statement reads: “Lebo M is seeking redress for various slanderous and insulting statements and insinuations made by Zoe . . .”

He said the defamation claim cites various examples of defamatory remarks that Lebo M is bipolar, sexist and toxic.

Motlhala said Lebo M feels these and other similar remarks have undermined his character and caused him to endure public humiliation and degradation in his professional and personal life.

And the Lion King’s attorney, Michelle Clarke, stated: “My client is a well-known personality and/or figure within the SA public and internationally.

“His earning capacity and the Lebo M brand is generated and measured in foreign currency and detrimentally affected by any defamatory and malicious statements.”

Yesterday, in an email, Zoe gave her point of view to the SunTeam: “I note reports that Lebo has issued legal action against me for defamation.

“I have not received any court papers as yet. If anyone has been defamed, it is myself and I am considering my own action.

“I have no doubt that his claim for defamation has no merit and will be defending it.

“I am quite frankly not surprised by his actions. They are desperate. He does tend to use his resources to want to intimidate the mothers of his kids with frivolous legal actions.

“Everything I have said before during his attempts to tarnish me in the media is true and I can prove it,” wrote Zoe.