Invisible creature ‘chokes’ kids


THE neighbours and family of Simi Mapiyeye (8) say strange things have been happening since her mysterious death.

Five of her friends told their parents they can’t sleep at night because an invisible being strangles them.

Last week Daily Sun reported that Simi died shortly after recording a video of her say singing Joy to the World and asking her family to pray for her. Her mum, Metsi, said Simi told her she couldn’t see and white foam came from her mouth before she died.

Ndolo Khambule, a parent from Wattville in Ekurhuleni, said her son had not been sleeping since Simi’s death last Thursday.

“He tells me he sees things strangling her but we can’t see anything. We took him to a prophet who prayed for him but I can’t say these things are gone.”

Another parent, Sibongile Khumalo, said she woke up one morning to find blood splatted all over the room her children were sleeping in.

“Some of it was on their clothes and shoes. We don’t know where this blood is coming from.

Simi’s aunt, Khanyisile Mthandi, said she woke up to find blood on her hand.

“I didn’t know where the blood came from, but I needed to remove it with a baby’s pee.”

Metsi said: “We pray every day for God to take away these spirits. We appeal to churches to pray for us.”

The families said they always kept gospel music playing on their radios and television to scare away any evil spirits.