BOY Khoza (60) couldn’t figure out why everywhere he went people stared at him in disbelief.

Until those who were brave enough to confront him came to find out how it was that he was still alive.

His family had also started receiving calls from people offering their condolences.

The businessman from Thulamahashe near Bushbuckridge in Mpumalanga said he didn’t know how it all started.

He said: “I was driving home from Phalaborwa in Limpopo on Saturday when people started calling my cellphone. When I answered they would just hang up.

“When I finally asked what was going on, they told me they heard that I had been shot dead during a hijacking of my Toyota 4×4 in Songeni Village.

“I was shocked and called my family who informed me that they also had been receiving calls from people offering condolences while others personally visited them with offers of prayer.”

Boy said he didn’t know where the rumours came from as he was neither shot nor hijacked.

“I am not dead. I am very much alive and kicking. I think someone wants me dead though, otherwise why spread such rumours about me?” he asked.

Boy’s friend Mbhokodwana Ndobe (37) said people approached him at a filling station in Mhala and passed their condolences on Boy’s passing. “I phoned him and he told me he was also aware of the rumours,” he said.

Traditional healer Annuary Ndlovu said a ritual would have to be performed on Boy so that the dark cloud of death could be averted.