Fired for ‘stealing a tea bag’!


A SHOP owner in Mpumalanga has admitted to dismissing his domestic worker for allegedly stealing a tea bag.

The businessman, Dawood Gulzar (29) said: “This lady is a thief. She never stole money, but she’s stealing our small things like a tea bag and some sugar.”

When asked if he had proof that the woman, Lenah Phiri (32) had stolen something from his house, he nearly lost his temper.


“My friend, I don’t need to prove to you; I know my groceries. I count my things when leaving the house and I know them very well. She should have asked because I know it’s very cold nowadays, rather than stealing,” he said.

Lenah told News24: “I still can’t believe it. I thought my boss was cracking a joke when he said I stole a tea bag. I’ve been nothing but loyal for the past seven years, never think of stealing anything. I was told that I stole a tea bag. A tea bag out of all things.”

Phiri said she has always been an honest employee.

“How can I steal a tea bag instead of money? I always found R200 and R100 banknotes when I’m doing laundry, but I gave them all back. It’s obvious that I was no longer useful to them after all these years,” Phiri said.

The matter has been handed over to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration.