Sunday, February 19, 2017
‘Doctor’ raped woman during abortion procedure

‘Doctor’ raped woman during abortion procedure


Pretoria – A man posing as a doctor performing abortions deserves his 10-year jail term as he took advantage of a young woman’s desperate situation by raping her.

This is according to a high court in Pretoria judge, who turned down the appeal by John Sekematte against his rape conviction and subsequent sentence of 10 years in jail.

He claimed he had never seen the victim, but the victim said he raped her in broad daylight and she had a very good look at his face.

The 24-year-old woman had earlier testified that after she discovered that she was pregnant, her sister got her the number of a “doctor” who could assist her in terminating the pregnancy.

The number was on a pamphlet.

She met the “doctor” who gave her four tablets in return for R250.

When the tablets did not have the desired effect, she again phoned the “doctor” and they agreed to meet the following day at Daveyton Mall in Ekurhuleni. The man called another “doctor”. The victim identified this second “doctor” as her rapist.

She and the second “doctor” left for his “surgery”, which the woman told the court was merely a shack.

She said Sekematte gave her four tablets and told her she had to swallow three and insert the fourth into her private parts.

He then told her to lie on her back and offered to insert the tablet himself. He told her to close her eyes.

The victim testified that the next thing she felt, was the “doctor” on top of her, inserting more than just the tablet. She opened her eyes and tried to push him away, but he told her to be quiet.

Sekematte was only arrested a few months after the incident.

The police went to look for him where the woman was raped, but found the community had burnt down the shack.

It was established that the “doctor” handed out pamphlets advertising abortion services at the taxi rank near Daveyton mall.

When the police could not find him, they phoned the number on the pamphlet and Sekematte answered the phone. The police set a trap for him and arranged to meet him at his “new surgery”.

When they met, Sekematte told the undercover agent what his fees were and that he would give him tablets and a mixture which the woman, who wanted an abortion, had to drink.

The rape victim then joined them and identified him as the rapist. He denied ever meeting the woman, but admitted that it was his job to distribute the pamphlets.

He said he had the doctor’s phone with him, but merely answered the phone to give patients directions to the surgery.

The court accepted the word of the victim, that she was raped in broad daylight and had a good look at her rapist. She also said she had a conversation with him at the time and thus had a good look at his face.

In turning down his appeal on sentencing, Judge Annelie Basson said it was not shockingly harsh.

She said he took advantage of the victim while she was desperate to terminate her pregnancy.