DJ Zinhle confirms that she has a bae: ‘He is so amazing’


947 DJ Anele Mdoda interviewed DJ Zinhle on her show and managed to drag out some information about her love life… as only Anele can.

Anele started off by mentioning a tweet that Zinhle had posted about food, where she said it was a great meal and wanted to tell ‘someone’ about it.

That ‘someone’ just happens to be a new love interest in her life.  Trying to avoid the topic, Zinhle spoke about how it was fish and salad, but Anele pushed her and asked if she wanted to tell bae.

“It’s not bae bae, but it’s someone I’ve met that I really…”

Anele interjected, mentioning that the beginning phases of a relationship are the most exciting, because it’s where you still get excited about an sms.

A very reluctant Zinhle said then ‘fessed up, saying that he has “got the most amazing voice in the world,” and that he “wears a very expensive suit,” responding to Anele’s question on whether he was a rapper or not.

Zinhle kept laughing, saying that she was sweating about the questions and reiterated that “it’s not official official,” before adding that he “is so amazing.”