Before I knew it I had fired four shots‚ says Oscar Pistorius in first TV interview


Oscar Pistorius: The Interview will air on Friday 24 June in the UK and minutes after its world-premiere South African viewers will also get to watch the Paralympian speaking in his first ever TV interview since shooting Reeva Steenkamp in 2013.

Wearing a checked shirt‚ Pistorius is crying in the interview.

“And I just started screaming ‘Please God. Please please please please please just don’t let this be what I think it is.”

The brief teaser posted to Carte Blanche’s website shows Pistorius holding a tissue while tears pour down his face.

“At that point… at that point I knew that I had killed her. I knew that she was dead.”

The ITV interview will be aired as part of a Carte Blanche special which will start at 10:55pm on 24 June on channel 115.

Peabody award-winning journalist Mark Williams-Thomas interviewed Pistorius at his uncle’s Waterkloof home in Pretoria.

Arnold Pistorius‚ uncle to Oscar‚ has defended the decision to have the interview‚ saying in a statement that the family did not receive money for it.

“We are aware of the lucrative mini-industry of paid-for interviews and bought information that developed around this case‚ and we wanted to steer very clear of this. Despite Oscar’s crippling legal fees‚ this remains our position.

Neither Oscar‚ nor the Pistorius family will make any money out of this documentary. Any (potential) proceeds would go to charities for children. “

Judge Thokozile Masipa will hand down sentencing on July 6 for the murder of Steenkamp.

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